How to order and delivery

Livechat will have some lag sometime. so if Livechat cant work for u then close the site page nd reopen livechat then --send msg to us < must send msg then we know you are using livechat>

If still cant work then use discord or skype or email

discor is Seseg#6374   skype is  wowbop_1  email is

1.When you log in Wowbop. you can order directly.if you want to get more discount or have any other special quesiton please contact our livechat:) thanks

2.When you are ordering. please put  write the right char name and server name.if you want to put wrong inf please contact livechat  thanks

3.Once ordered please wait our guy and will contact you as soon as possible. Dont worries

4 All  Bind when equipped's item deilvery by face to face or email

5 All raid or Bind when picked up's items by selfplay or shar account