• battle of dazar’alor Herioc boost<9/9 full clear>

This service will get you 9/9 Battle for Dazar’Alor bosses killed in HEROIC mode. The Raid takes 3-5 hours. You will get ilvl 400+ gear and 3 factional achieves. You will also get Ahead of the Curve: Lady Jaina Proudmoore, a raider’s must-have achieve.

Account sharing or Selfplayed


If you choose items guaranteed thenwe will arrange non-saved boosters of your Armor Type (cloth, leather, mail or plate), who are going to trade you ALL GEAR and WEAPONS they receive during the raid. and GUARANTEE items numbers for u --if you dont get enough then we will  do  rerun for u next week

There will be some wipes during the raid on the first weeks! You must understand and accept that the raiders will not be able to trade you some gear due to game mechanics restrictions.

battle of dazar’alor Herioc boost<9/9 full clear>

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