• Island Expeditions Weekly Quest boost

Buying this service you will get Island Expeditions weekly quest Azerite for the Alliance or Azerite for the Horde completed. We will be farming Heroic and Mythic Expeditions until you will collect 36,000 resources required for the quest.

Account sharing or Selfplayed

ETA: 2-3 hours

2,500 Azerite for completing the weekly quest
1,500 reputation with The Honorbound (H) or 7th Legion (A)
700-1100 Azerite for completing the Expeditions
randomly dropped quest-lines with Azerite or reputation marks as a reward
small chance to get Expedition pets, toys, mounts, plundered weapon or armor
some Seafarer’s Dubloon that can be traded for 2 battle pets, 3 toys, 2 epic mounts, Reputation items and 3 Sailor Hats.

鈥?ilvl 305+ gear to enter the heroic difficulty

Island Expeditions Weekly Quest boost

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