• Glacial Tidestorm Mount

Glacial Tidestorm Mount

The second BFA raid dungeon is already known - the Battle for Dazar’Alor, which will be added in patch 8.1.5, has become one. The final boss in the Dazar’alor raid will be Jaina Proudmoore. The Raid Dazar’alor raid dungeon will be available for both factions, but since Jaina is the Allied hero for the Alliance, the players of this faction will fight it with the help of “return to the past” technology.

By defeating Jaina in the Landmark mode (the Dazar’alor raid will be available in all standard modes) players will have the chance to get a new mount from the final boss - Glacial Tidestorm.

Requirements for the use of Glacial Tidestorm mount:

Character level - 20
Mount Riding Apprentice - 75

Properties of Glacial Tidestorm:

Riding speed on the ground 60% or 100% (depends on your skill)
Flight speed + 150%, + 280% or + 310% (depends on your skill)
Character level 120.
Account transfer required.

Glacial Tidestorm Mount

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