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Mythic+(11-20) Dugeons Boost

Mythic+(11-20) Dugeons Boost

Mythic+ Dugeons-Season 2

Mythic+(11-20) Dugeons Boost
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By buying this service, you will get a SINGLE Mythic+ run completed on the chosen difficulty.

Ever since its release in Legion expansion the mythic+ system became a core gameplay mechanic in WoW. Mythic+ brings life to dungeons, making them incredibly hard, yet very rewarding. Gearing up via the mythic+ system is certainly one of the best and most effective ways to raise your ilvl with epics. However, it is very hard to get into the mythic+, if you haven’t been doing it for a while. Toxic pugs would immediately decline you, if your mythic score is low. WowVendor is here to help, whatever your final goal might be – be it a decent mythic score to be able to run m+ with pugs, gearing up or even learning the dungeons.

ETA:  in 24hours

Keys List 

Brackenhide Hollow
Halls of Infusion
Uldaman, Legacy of Tyr
The Underrot
Neltharion’s Lair
Vortex Pinnacle

Difficulty: Random Dungeon: Random Dungeon Express: Specific Dungeon: Specific Dungeon Express:

+10-12 24-48 Hours 1-24 Hours 3-5 Days 1-3 Days

+13-16 1-7 Days N/A Custom Request N/A

+20 1-2 Weeks N/A N/A N/A

• Usually a run is started within few hours after purchase


Difficulty Dungeon ilvl Great Vault Reward ilvl

Mythic + 10 415 431

Mythic + 11 418 431

Mythic + 12 418 434

Mythic + 13 421 434

Mythic + 14 421 437

Mythic + 15 424 437

Mythic + 16 424 441

Mythic + 20 431 447

• Each dungeon run will give you x135 Valor points

• For “no timer” option, chance to get 0-1 pieces of ilvl 415-431 gear (via personal loot)

• For “in timer” option, chance to get 0-2 pieces of ilvl 415-431 gear (via personal loot)

• A piece of ilvl 431-447+ gear guaranteed in the Great Vault

• New Flightstones currency used for upgrading gear in DF Season 2

• Chance at looting Wyrm’s Shadowflame Crest in +11-15 keys and Aspect’s Shadowflame Crest from +16 and above dungeons


• In case of “in Timer” run being unfulfilled you will be refunded the difference between “in Timer” and “no Timer” options

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